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    Walker Filtration

    Walker Filtration specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial air filtration and drying technologies from compressed air filters, vacuum pump filtration and medical sterile filters to laser smoke evacuators. Their product portfolio also includes heatless desiccant dryers and one of the most comprehensive ranges of alternative filter elements, air/oil separators and vacuum pump separators on the market today.



    Air Filtration

    4Water Separators

    High quality compressed air is essential to pneumatic and automation systems. Correct air
    preparation is imperative in order to minimise component failure, increase the operating life of equipment and reduce energy consumption.

    Water vapour occurs naturally in air and is present in the hot air discharged from air compressors. This hot air will then release condensate as it meets the colder surfaces of down stream equipment. Although the condensate can be removed via drains, liquid will remain in the air stream. This liquid condensate will break down lubricating oils increasing friction between moving surfaces and corrode exposed metal components.

    For compressed our installations where water contamination is a real problem, the Walker Filtration range of water separators offer an effective solution. Typically, water separators are installed downstream of after coolers and air receivers, refrigerant dryers and at strategic points in pipe work installations. Specially designed, Walker Filtration's water separators utilise an internal spinner which removes large quantities of condensate by centrifugal action.

    Water separators are available for operating pressures up to 16 barg (232 psig).

    6Flanged Filters

    As a filtration solution for larger flow applications of up to 15000 SCFM (25500 Nm³/h), our range of flanged filters includes 8 models with connections ranging from DN80 to DN300.
    Unique features of this flanged filter range include stainless steel internal parts for maintenance free operation and a side mounted drain port for permanent connection to an electronic drain or for a drain balance line. Constructed from robust carbon steel with an anti corrosion Walker E-Coat™ finish, all flanged filters are fitted with dual sided differential pressure indicators for easy viewing.

    Five grades of filter elements are available, from fine to coarse including activated carbon and feature a tie rod construction for easy replacement. Constructed from custom engineered media, they offer exceptional performance. Dust filters are also availabele in 5 grades to suit your application and operate in reverse flow.

    Our flanged filters have been designed to EN 286-1 and compliant to SPVD (87/404/EEC). It has also been tested and validated to international standards to give total customer confidence.



    alpha-duplexDuplex Filters

    The intelligent design of this 2 stage duplex filter allows it to be installed in the same line space as a single stage filtration unit with twice the filtration capability. The duplex filter is available in 8 sizes with connections from ¼”to 1”, and flows up to 175 SCFM (297 Nm³/h). The filters are manufactured in robust cast aluminium with an anti corrosion Walker E-Coat™ to ensure durability. The optimised design is space saving and modular allowing multiple close coupling.

    Our unique elements have colour coded end caps making grade identification swift and simple. Our unique end cap design engages with the bowl minimising vibration, increasing stability and assisting drainage. Oleophobic borosilicate media and a custom engineered anti re-entrainment layer in the XA grade element guarantees exceptional dirt holding and drainage capabilities with minimal pressure drop. The AC element uses a finely divided activated carbon media to remove odours and tastes.

    Independently tested and validated to ISO 12500.

    26Dust Filters

    Alpha Series dust removal filters are perfect for installation downstream of regenerative air and gas dryers to reduce the need for system maintenance. ¼” to 3” threaded filters are available and are manufactured in robust cast aluminium with a corrosion protective Walker E-Coat™ finish. Our advanced modular design ensures optimum flows, ease of installation and multiple close coupling.

    Our range of elements are colour coded for easy identification and are available in 5 grades to suit your application. A drop-fit element installation ensures engagement with the bowl to prevent vibration and improve stability in reverse flow applications. Independently tested and validated to ISO 12500 Alpha Series dust filters are a product that you can rely upon.


    9High Temperature Dust Filters

    Walker Filtration offer a wide range of compressed air and gas high temperature dust filters for use in specialist applications where the temperature of the compressed air exceeds that recommended for standard Walker Filtration products (120°C/248°F).

    These products are often installed downstream of heat reactivated adsorption compressed air dryers where for short periods of time the temperature of the air may reach 250°C/480°F as a maximum.

    Applications that require high temperature filters are not only restricted to desiccant dryer installations. Where high efficiency compressed air and gas filters are needed to operate within such arduous conditions, we can assist in ensuring the correct selection and installation of filters for efficiency ratings of 5, 1 and 0.01 micron.

    These filters incorporate the use of a stainless steel tie rod to secure the filter element and are manufactured from the highest quality 316 grade stainless steel. Within the standard high temperature dust product range Walker Filtration offer connection sizes of ¼” to 2” with various flow rates available to acheive the ultimate filtration solution.


    10Alloy High Pressure Filters 20 barg

    Walker Filtration manufacture a unique range of 20 barg (300 psig) alloy high pressure filters using machined and diecast aluminium components.

    There are 13 models within this range from ¼" to 3" pipe connections with all models featuring the Walker 'push-fit' filter element design with double 'O' ring seals for extra security against contamination by-pass. These models are available in all standard grades. Full corrosion protection is given by use of the Walker e-coat™ both inside and out followed by a tough polyester powder coating on the outside.


    8Stainless Steel High Pressure Filters

    Walker Filtration's comprehensive collection of filtration products includes a range of superior quality stainless steel high pressure filters.

    Manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the 21 models available offer varied flow rate capacities to meet your filtration needs.  Models C25, C37 and C50 incorporate the unique Walker Filtration designed push-fit filter element. This reduces maintenance time and allows the filter to be located in the most confined places. Walker Filtration are able to offer 25, 5, 1 and 0.01 micron and activated carbon filtration grades to encompass all requirements. Low air velocities prevent oil carry-over to ensure guaranteed performance. Drain connections are plugged.

    This range of filters can also be adapted to operate as water separators.

    27Breathable Compressed Air

    Due to the increasing demand for improved environmental and safety control, Walker Filtration have compiled from its standard filter products a complete range of wall and floor mounted breathable air products that are specially designed to suit two and four port breathing air installations.

    Carefully researched and tested to ensure high levels of performance and integrity, these breathable air products can be installed where clean compressed air is required.

    The Walker Filtration range of filter packages offer filtration and oil removal efficiencies down to 0.01 micron and maximum oil removal to 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm). This ensures that the operator has clean, particle and liquid oil free air with the added benefit of taste and odour removal for improved user comfort and performance.

    33Compressed Air Filter & Heater Packages

    Walker Filtration specially design and manufacture a range of compressed air in-line filter and heater packages with unique features to ensure variable compressed air temperature control from 20°C (68°F) to 120°C (248°F). This product range is ideally suited for industrial or breathing air applications.

    The compressed air line heater system uses an open wound heating coil and a high accuracy output temperature sensing device. This combination of fast responding heater and sensor allows the unit to adjust quickly to any variations in flow rate or line pressure, without deviation in the output temperature.

    The heater is controlled by a compact solid state temperature controller mounted on top of the unit. The temperature is set using a rotary knob located at the top of the unit. The exact temperature output is indicated by a bi-metallic thermometer clearly visible at the front of the heater, providing an independent indication of controller operation.

    Heaters can also be supplied, directly mounted to Walker Filtration pre-filters to ensure that process air is clean.

    29Ammonia & Refrigerant Filters

    Walker Filtration research, design and manufacture a comprehensive range of ammonia and refrigerant filters for use in specialist applications where the quality and cleanliness of the gas needs to be maintained to the highest level.

    These products are often installed within large industrial cooling systems and offer protection from the build up of excessive amounts of oil on heat exchanger surfaces, prevents the blockage of tubes, valves and expansion orifices and also maintains the overall cleanliness and capacity of the system.

    The filter elements are incorporated within our threaded filter housings and feature the unique Walker Filtration 'push-fit' element design. This reduces maintenance time and allows the filter to be located within the most confined places.

    The flanged range of filters include features such as stainless steel distribution plate and side mounted threaded connections close to the bottom of the filter vessel to facilitate the mounting of accessory products as required.

    Stainless steel filter housings are available with connection sizes of ¼” to 2” with various flow rates available. Walker Filtration also offer a range of higher capacity carbon steel flanged filter products to meet your filtration requirements.


    Medical Filtration

    40Medical Sterile Filters

    The Alpha Series medical sterile filters have been specifically designed and manufactured for medical compressed air plants for use in hospitals throughout the world. The 16 models in the range exceed the requirements of UK Health Technical Memorandum 02-01 for medical gas pipeline systems and offer connections from ¼” to 3” with flows of up to 1500 SCFM (2550 Nm³/h).

    Manufactured from cast aluminium alloy the filters offer enhanced strength and robustness and feature the Walker E-Coat™ finish for corrosion protection. The optimised modular design allows for multiple close coupling and is easy to install and maintain. The range is manufactured from cast aluminium alloy offering enhanced strength and robustness.

    Medical sterile elements are guaranteed for a minimum of 100 sterilisations at 120°C (248°F); each element must be autoclaved before commencement of duty.

    Elements are 100% integrity tested and are constructed with stainless steel end caps for compatibility with autoclave sterilisation. 100% integrity tested, each element is supplied with an Air Sterilisation Certificate to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

    42Autoclave Filter Elements

    Walker Filtration's autoclave filters are recommended for use in sterilising atmospheric air entering hospital and critical use clinical or laboratory sterilisers during the vacuum break cycle. Our autoclave filters use high efficiency filtration with 100% sterilising efficiency, ensuring that the air entering the steriliser/autoclave is of the highest quality.

    Clinical sterilisers using high temperature steam are by far the most common sterilisers used, due to their superior performance as sterilants. They are specifically designed to process medical devices, medicinal products and other goods and materials used in the clinical care of patients or laboratory sterilisers.

    Designed and constructed to an exceptionally high quality standard, the autoclave filters remove solid and biological particles down to 0.01 micron. The efficiency exceeds that of conventional HEPA filters and has been confirmed in accordance with BS 3928 Sodium Flame Test with a penetration of less than 0.001%.

    All filters are also integrity tested prior to despatch. The thread connection has a critical orifice controlling the air filtration velocity, meeting the requirements of BS EN 285.



    16Pro Dry Desiccant Dryers

    The Walker Filtration range of Pro Dry heatless desiccant compressed air dryers have been designed to provide a controlled, economical supply of dry, clean air to the point of application. As an important source of energy within all industrial sectors, many processes depend on high quality compressed air to prevent costly downtime, machine damage and product spoilage.

    The range is supplied with a host of features, including the intelligent electronic processor to manage the cycles of the dryer’s function and the condensate level via computer interface. The dryer also features an XA grade filter housing and electronic drain as standard, a choice of pressure dewpoints to meet the highest standards as specified in ISO 8573:1 and can be installed anywhere in the world with its ability to recognise and operate with many different voltages, making ProDry a great product for the OEM customer too.


    proBA-oneunitBreathing Air System

    The advanced PRO-BA breathing air packages are for use in more demanding applications. They combine a specialist Pure Flow desiccant compressed air dryer with four further purification stages to ensure delivery of breathing air to the user at the highest standard.

    These breathing air packages are robust, reliable and simple to install.  Serviceability is a key additonal benefit as the specialist Pure Flow desiccant is in cartridge format making it simple and efficient to replace.  Monitoring performance is easy with individual tower pressure gauges in the front facia, service status LED panel and optional electronic PC management interface.




    medicaldryerMedical & Surgical Breathing Air

    Walker Filtration offer custom built systems providing surgical and medical air free from toxic contaminants, flammable or objectable vapours, liquids and particulate debris.  Both the medical dryer and the attached filtration have been designed and manufactured in accordance with UK & International breathing and medical air standards including EN 12021 and European Pharmacopoeia.



    ACtower2Activated Carbon Towers

    Within the specialised pharmaceutical, food and beverage, electronic and hospital industries, there is often a requirement to remove residual oil vapours and odours from the compressed air supply.  Walker Filtrations range of activated carbon towers offer an effective solution.

    The use of desiccant air dryers, together with associated pre and after filtration, will remove liquid, oil and water as well as reducing water vapours to pressure dewpoints of -40°C and -70°C (-40°F and -100°F). Typically, oil content is reduced within these systems to levels of 0.01 mg/m³ (0.01 ppm). This may be satisfactory in some applications however, some specific applicaitons have more demanding requirements.

    In those applications requiring lower levels of oil removal, the use of activated carbon towers will, by the use of adsorption, reduce the residual oil content to lower than 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm).

    Compressed air flows through the activated carbon bed adsorbing oil vapours and odours. The MFC Activated Carbon Towers offer connection sizes from 2” to 3”.


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